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Apr, 2021

Snack Stand Procedure

No children or sports equipment in the snack stand
You must be 16 or older to work the window or handle money.
The Snack Stand Committee and HBB Board of Directors appreciate your help with this matter.


As you enter the snack stand, you must sign in for tracing purposes.  Please do not enter if you have any COVID symptoms.

You must have a mask.  If you forget one, there will be some in the stand.

All the below procedures are posted in the SS by each item.

Root Beer Floats

   - Get pre-filled cup from freezer
   - Give cup and can of root beer or preferred soda with a spoon
   - Restock prefilled ice cream cups as needed

Hot Dogs

    - Boil hot dogs in pot on the stove
    - Use a plastic container and tongs to transfer from the pot to the roller
    - DO NOT carry the hot pot of water over the rollers!
    -  Keep water on low all day, turn up to boil hot dog

    - Serve in a Hot Dog Bag and put in the warmer
    - Cheese dog - open a cup of cheese and put some in a provided container.  Put the rest back into the warmer for another order

Nachos & Cheese
    - Place a whole bag of chips and cup of nacho cheese in plastic/paper nacho boat
    - Serve optional jalapenos (found in fridge)

Chips & Salsa
    - Give customer a whole bag of chips
    - Salsa is in prepackaged containers

Pretzel with Cheese

    - Give the customer a pretzel and a whole nacho cheese cup

Walking Tacos

    - Open Doritos or Tostidos bag
    - Crush chips a little
    - Add one scoop of taco meat from crock pot
    - Add whatever fixings they want - cheese or salsa
    - Give prepackaged fork

Refilling Taco Fixings
    - Cheese:  wearing gloves, place a handful on a paper plate, then use as a funnel to pour into bottle

    - Always make a full pot
    - 3 scoops of coffee into the filter
    - Fill water
    - Press power button to start making coffee
    - When a cold day, place coffee in the marked carafe and make another pot.
    - Hand out regular and french vanilla creamers when serving coffee.
    - Clean up coffee, wash pots, and place on upper shelf around 1pm.  Keep it going all day on cold days.

Hot Water (Tea/Hot Chocolate)
    - Use hot water maker to heat the water
    - Transfer to marked carafe if it is cold to keep up.

Hot Chocolate
Single Cup (warmer days)
    - Four heaping spoons of hot chocolate mix into cup
    - Add hot water from carafe or hot water maker
    - Stir well


Please direct their questions to Fred Miller, Umpire in Chief

    - All candy is displayed on the shelves, except all the chocolate can be found in the second fridge

Team Orders
Both order sheets and coupons can be found in the white binder above the cheese warmer

Order Sheet
    - Coach can take order sheet back to players to assemble order
    - Drop off at SS window, box/bag up order and calculate total

    - Coaches can buy all of the same thing, then give his players the coupons to redeem at the SS themselves
    - Players can substitute another items of the same price or even pay the difference if it's more

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